Money Makes a Difference

Money seems to permeate every area of our lives, for better or worse.  It can enhance our lives and the lives of those around us.  It can also create tension and strife when our perspectives (or our budgets) are out of balance.

Money makes a difference.  It’s a fact we can’t ignore.  But the good news is that the critical factor isn’t the vastness of your wealth, or your lack thereof.  The key is what you do with what you have, and how you perceive it.

Our passion is to help you achieve financial balance in your life.  This means we listen to your concerns, help you define your goals and values, and then we work with you, side by side, so that your money can make the difference you want it to.  Throughout this process, we promise to be collaborative, compassionate, and to communicate with you in plain English.

How we help people like you.

Holistic financial planning—more than just stocks, bonds, and investment returns.

In reality, your financial plan is not just about investment returns.  It is not even just about ensuring that you will be able to retire at a certain age, send your kids to college, buy that dream home or how your assets will be divided when you pass on. Those are important components, but a well-thought, expertly implemented financial plan is about helping you reach holistic financial health. That’s why we do more than invest money.  As an independent, locally owned firm working with Raymond James, we strive to connect your finances with your values, aspirations, and purpose. It is when we understand the fundamentals of who you are that we can help develop a financial plan that can truly move you and your family to financial health.

In our efforts to accomplish this, we’ll likely work with you in just about every aspect of your life that is impacted by your finances, from spending, to saving, to tax and investment planning, to figuring out your estate plan.  We’ll help you determine the best ways to get your business going, establish effective employee benefit plans, and help you prepare those who will come after you to steward your legacy. 

We believe that healthy financial lives can help lead to health in other areas of life as well – healthy marriages, healthy children, healthy businesses.  You get the picture.

When it does come to investing, what makes our strategies stand apart?

We take a traditional approach to our investments, something few people do anymore.  The world of investments has become so overcomplicated that it, at least in many cases, causes problems for the investor because it’s focused on the wrong things.  Our strategy is different.

Most importantly, we take a goal-centered approach to each investment plan.  We believe the question , “how much risk will you tolerate?” is the wrong place to start—too often this is the one of the first questions posed by investment professionals.  The right questions are, “what do you hope to accomplish?” and, “which risks, and how much of them, do you need to work through to accomplish what you’ve set out to?”  The basic idea: if you don’t need to take a risk, why would you?

Second, we use investments the ways they were designed to be used.  For example, a bond, by design, provides a fixed income stream for a period of time, and then pays your principle back when it matures.  They weren’t designed to be bought at a discount and sold for a premium, or, commonly in today’s environment, bought at a premium and sold at a discount.  The same example applies to stock ownership.  We’ve become too accustomed with buying and selling random symbols back and forth with the assumption that they are supposed to somehow turn a profit for us.  In reality, buying a stock is buying ownership in a business—the traditional view.  Changing the way we think about these investments gives us a healthier starting place from which we can build a goal based financial plan.

Finally, we evaluate a variety of risks on their own merits.  Modern investment theory is obsessed with short-term fluctuations in the value of a portfolio.  This is an important risk, but not so important that all others should be disregarded (FYI, when you look at a commonly published rating about an investment and it gives it a 1-5 rating for risk, the only thing it typically looks at is price fluctuation).  These changes in price are but one of at least 7 universally recognized investment risks.1  And despite what the generally accepted philosophies suggest, making a loan to a company with bad credit (a high yield bond), might just be riskier than an ownership stake in a multi-billion-dollar company that’s been profitable for the last 50 years.

We might be crazy, but we think there’s always been a better way.

Source: "Market Risk: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You." Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. ©2016


Read about our approach and meet our team

We work as a team because it allows us to provide more efficient service to our clients, rely on each other’s expertise and continually push ourselves to advance our craft and the client experience we provide. We can do more for you as a team than would be possible for any individual advisor on their own.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we strive to ensure that each member of our team has an understanding of each of our clients. This translates to our client’s receiving prompt and efficient service whenever needs arise.

No single person can be the expert on all things. We have continually developed expertise within our team as each of us take a particular and unique focus beyond the basics of our business. This strategy allows us to cover a wide breadth of specialties within our field of financial planning. Each team member will assist you in relevant ways over the course of your relationship with us as we address particular areas of your financial plan.  Our current staff consists of two CFP® professionals, an Accredited Asset Management Specialist™, and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™

Finally, we believe that working as a team makes each of us better. We rely on each other and continually challenge each other to develop. Our team culture built around never ending development means you can be confident that we will not only provide you with the highest quality financial service, but that no matter what fluctuations occur in the market, the financial services industry and in our ever-changing world that our commitment to you and the level of service we provide will never waiver.

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